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Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

slideDusting0When it comes to commercial office cleaning, we recommend the following service guidelines. For your office cleaning contract, customized service janitorial services can be arranged to meet any specific needs. You can choose either daily, weekly, monthly or one of our custom janitorial services that best fits your needs and budget.


  • DUSTING – Horizontal surfaces will be dusted on a regularly scheduled basis. This will include: cleared desk tops, partition tops, computer monitors, file cabinets, credenzas, picture frames, office equipment, etc.
  • CARPETING – Carpeted areas, floor mats, and runners will be vacuumed each service. Special care will be exercised when vacuuming around office furniture, baseboards and electrical cords. Removal of embedded staples is available upon request.
  • FURNITURE – All chairs around desks and tables will be arranged in a neat and orderly fashion after the completion of services. Chairs will be dusted on a monthly basis.
  • TILE FLOORS – Tile floors will be swept with a specially treated dust mop then damp mopped each service.
  • TRASH CONTAINERS – All trash from containers will be emptied and taken to collection point each service. Trash can liners will be replaced from client’s inventory.
  • FINGERMARKS – Fingermarks, smudges and marks around light switches will be spot cleaned each service.
  • GLASS – Interior glass partitions and glass doors will be spot cleaned to remove fingerprints each service.
  • DRINKING FOUNTAINS -Drinking fountains will be cleaned, sanitized and polished using an O.S.H.A. approved cleaner, hard water remover, and disinfectant.
  • TELEPHONES – Telephones will be damp wiped with an O.S.H.A. approved disinfectant cleaner each week.
  • RESTROOM CLEANING – Trash emptied, floors, mirrors, surfaces, toilets cleaned and paper stocked

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  • DUSTING – All cleared desk tops and work stations will thoroughly damp wiped and polished. Telephones will damp wiped with an O.S.H.A. approved disinfectant cleaner. Window sills and picture frames will be dusted with a treated lambswool duster.
  • CARPETING – Carpeting will be detailed vacuumed. Special attention will be given to areas along edges, corners, under trash containers, chairs and desks.
  • TILE FLOORS – Tile floors will be swept with a specially treated dust mop and thoroughly wet mopped. Special care will be given to ensure that areas in corners and along edges are clean and sanitary.



  • HIGH AND LOW DUSTING – Detail dusting of mini-blinds, ceiling corners and edges (cobwebs), baseboards, vinyl, and/ceramic base coving. Office chairs and sofa cushions will be dusted and/or vacuumed.