Construction Cleaning Services

Construction Cleaning Services

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Imagine if you could work with a cleaning company that just ‘Got It’? Got it done on time, the first time, without the fuss? A cleaning company that treated your project like their own, by taking complete ownership of the cleaning responsibilities and delivering exactly what you needed for hand over? What would it be like to never experience poor quality cleaning again? Lynn Marie’s construction cleaning services may have the answer for you.

When you choose a new construction clean up, or post construction cleaning service, there are several factors to consider. You’ll want to make sure they have the special knowledge and years of experience as well as appropriate products and equipment to clean precious, high-end materials such as imported marble tiling, custom glass, and windows. Some post- construction cleaning companies use abrasive, generic cleaners that contain acids and other chemicals that can etch and degrade marble, glass, and other fine surfaces where replacement costs can be significant if damaged.  When you choose Lynn Marie’s Commercial Cleaning Services, you are assured that every material is cleaned safely using only the finest and safest cleaning products by a skilled crew. We specialize in construction detail cleaning and have the experience and knowledge for all types of construction site projects, large or small.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Commercial and residential construction companies have to deal with many pressures in today’s economic environment – from the high cost of materials toConstruction Cleaning

financing difficulties. Some of the highest costs in loss is in the cost controls of post construction cleaning. The competition for new job starts is greater than ever, and the margin of error must be significantly reduced in order to ensure success. In this type of business climate, when sub-contractors use shortcuts, it can put businesses and homeowners at risk for liability, damages, delays, and accidents, cutting into profits or even causing a company to fail.


Standard post construction cleaning procedure (in house):

1. Rubber gloves and appropriate coveralls as needed.

2. Remove all window labels.

3. Vacuum window tracks.

4. Clean window tracks first, or as you clean the windows.

5. Clean windows inside and out, wiping errant drips off the tracks, frames, and sills as you go.

6. Vacuum all cupboards and drawers in the entire house. Remove bottom drawers and vacuum beneath. There will be sawdust in every corner; be methodical so you don’t miss any.

7. With a bucket of cleaning solution and lots of soft clean rags, we wipe, wipe, wipe every surface of every cupboard, drawer, closet shelf, bookshelf, door, baseboard, and windowsill in the house. We are sure to get the tops of doors, the molding, and trim throughout the house. We are methodical so no surface is skipped.

8. Clean showers, tubs, basins, and toilets with a soft scrub brush and cleaning solution. Rinse all porcelain surfaces and polish them with a soft dry cotton towel. Polish all chrome fixtures until gleaming. Clean mirrors with your special window solution and squeegee.

9. Mop bathroom floors and dry with a towel to a lustrous sheen, whether tile or linoleum.

10. Wipe and polish kitchen and utility room appliances and all counter tops. Scrub and polish the kitchen sink and fixtures.

11. Vacuum out all heating/cooling ducts by snaking the vacuum hose far down the ducts to suck up all the debris.

12. Vacuum all carpet in the entire house, using the hose attachment along wall edges and baseboard ledges.

13. Wipe tops of all electrical outlet covers.

14. Gently wipe chandeliers and light fixtures, or dust them with a lambswool duster. Vacuum the insides of sconce-type lights.

15. Clean all thresholds.

16. Damp-mop the kitchen floor. If the kitchen and dining area is hardwood, we save this job for last, and mop as we back out of the room so the floor will remain unscuffed. Use a few drops of lemon oil in the mop water and wring the mop almost dry.

17. Sweep and/or vacuum the garage if it was included in your estimate. Wipe off the water heater and any other dusty surfaces.

18. As a finishing touch we leave a little vase filled with a bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter with our business card and a congratulatory note, along with a “Thank you for your business.”


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