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Clean Public Bathroom Will Increase Your Business

Clean Your Public Bathroom

We always have known that a clean public bathroom is important but just how important is it? Not only is the cleanliness of your business’ restroom important to the health of your employees and customers but it is important to your bottom line. In an independent study conducted by Harris Interactive, it was determined that customers judge a business by its bathroom. In fact 94% of all customers interviewed said that they would avoid a business with a dirty bathroom.

Percent of customers that will avoid businesses with dirty restrooms

0 Restaurants 0 Hotels 0 Healthcare Facilities 0 Retail Stores

Avoid Lost Business With a Cleaning Schedule

It is important to have a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule. A proper cleaning schedule will ensure that you are cleaning the right spots at the right times. It will also ensure that supplies like toilet paper and paper towels are being restocked contributing to a pleasant customer experience. If you need help developing a schedule or cleaning, contact us today.