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Tenant Move Out – Clean Checklist

Move Out Cleaning List

Lynn Marie’s Commercial Cleaning Services offers a variety of services for property management to clean after tenant moves out. Feel free to use our checklist as a guideline for a starting point of preparation for the next tenant.

In order to rent a vacant apartment quickly and provide a solid baseline for tenant check in, it is important to follow this guide or one like it. Unfortunately damages beyond the normal wear and tear can and will happen. For the typical apartment or rental preparation consider using Lynn Marie’s Commercial Cleaning Services for your facility management services.

Tenant Move Out Checklist


  • Sink and fixtures – Clean and remove any stains and build-up; clean and polish chrome.
  • Counter Tops – Clean using a multi-purpose cleaner.  Do not scrape with any metal tools or utensils. Scratches will be repaired at cost to you.
  • Cupboards, shelves and drawers – Empty, clean inside and out (including door fronts) using a multi-purpose cleaner; vacuum tracks and grooves so the doors move freely.


  • Interior – Empty fridge and freezer. Thoroughly clean  inside, outside and under all shelves and drawers.
  • Exterior – Clean all smudges, drips, etc. off surfaces; fridge and freezer door seals (especially the tops). Pull the fridge out, away from the wall, to clean the floor behind and underneath, including sweeping and mopping all debris and stains. After cleaning, please be sure the fridge is plugged in and adjusted to a mid-temperature setting.


  • Interior – Clean off all burned food and grease throughout oven and broiler, including the racks *TIP: An oven cleaner can be used; please read and follow the instructions. Oven cleaner tends to reappear once it dries; re-wipe any cleaner left behind. Steel wool may be helpful in removing stubborn black spots. Avoid scratching the over paint.
  • Exterior – Clean the tops of the burner units as well as the drip pans. Pull the stove out, away from the wall, to clean the sides of the unit and the floor and walls behind and underneath.
  • Range Hood (if applicable) – Clean all dust, grease, and yellow spots from top and bottom including filters and light fixtures.


  • Mirrors – Clean all mirror surfaces (streak and spot-free).
  • Medicine Cabinet – Empty completely and clean interior thoroughly, including shelves.
  • Sink and fixtures (including pipes beneath sink) – Clean and remove any stains and build-up; clean and polish chrome.
  • Counter tops, cupboards, shelves and drawers – Empty, clean inside and out (including door fronts as well as top and bottom edges) using a multi-purpose cleaner.
  • Toilet – Clean thoroughly, removing all stains inside the bowl. Clean exterior surfaces, as well as the base and tank.
  • Tub & Shower – Remove soap film/build-up from tub and shower walls. Clean and polish chrome. After cleaning, check surfaces for any remaining cleaner residue or powder; rinse if needed.  Remove any hair or clogs from the drain.
  • Towel and toilet paper holders – Clean and polish, removing paper rolls and any film or residue from hairspray, soaps, etc.


  • WALLS, DOORS/FRAMES – Wash all surfaces to remove all marks, smudges, adhesive/tape, grease, crayon,  etc. Remove all hooks, nails, screws, etc.
  • If there is damage to painted surfaces or apartment furnishings (including carpet, drapes, cabinetry, etc.) resulting from candle, incense, cigarette or other types of prohibited smoke, resident will be charged a safety violation fine and  may be charged to re-paint, re-carpet, or replace any or all damaged items.
  • WINDOWS – Wash inside and out (when outside can be reached safely). Clean sills and tracks as well. A screwdriver can be a useful tool in gently cleaning the dirt and build-up at the edges of the window tracks.
  • WINDOW COVERINGS –Blinds: Dust and gently clean with warm soapy water.
  • CLOSETS – Remove all belongings and clean thoroughly. Dust clothing rods, shelves and drawers. Wash all walls.
  • FURNACE VENT/COLD AIR RETURN – Vacuum, dust, remove cobwebs, spills, etc.
  • CARPETED FLOORS – Vacuum thoroughly, including edges. If carpets are extremely dirty, discolored, burned, or damaged, resident may be charged.
  • TILE/VINYL FLOORS – Sweep, mop, scrub and rinse well, including edges and corners. DO NOT WAX.
  • RESIDENT FURNISHINGS – All furnishings in the apartment at the time of arrival must be accounted for and clean, as well as any improvements or items added by Residential Facilities during your stay. This includes the appliances, telephone, cable modem, smoke alarms, CO detectors, fire extinguisher, etc. as applicable. Any missing items will be reported to the police.
  • PERSONAL BELONGINGS – Remove all personal belongings from the apartment, inside and out, prior to your check-out appointment. Any items left behind will be removed by Residential Facilities personnel and stored for 30 days before being disposed of. A fee will be charged for removing, labeling, storing and disposing of abandoned property.


  • HOME EXTERIORS (Including patio, balcony, porch, storage closet and/or shed) – Remove all items, including clothes pins, and sweep clean.
  • YARD MAINTENANCE – Lawn needs to be short and recently mowed. Bushes and hedges must be trimmed and tidy. Any damages caused to the home by negligence or abuse may be reduced from deposit and / or charged to resident.